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Balcony, Terrace & Vertical Garden

With residences and office spaces becoming more vertical (high rises) owing to premium on available land, the balconies, terraces and walls have turned into places for extension of greenery in proximity. And to service such a requirement, numerous options for natural & artificial plantation and for related accessories have emerged. We assist in their selection, arrangement and placement as per the client choice and available space.

FAQ about Balcony, Terrace & Vertical Garden

What is balcony garden?
Balcony garden is a set of arrangement which involves artificial floor grass or deck flooring, a few railing baskets and multiple pots and vertical garden on the wall(s). There could be sitting arrangement with mix of outdoor furniture to experience the nature’s feel.

What is terrace garden?
Terrace garden is established on a terrace or roof. Some people like to grow fresh herbs and vegetables on their terraces, while others want to create a green retreat. Plants along with canopies or pergolas are positioned to create a pleasant recreation area for residents and guests.

What is vertical garden?
A vertical garden is a technique to grow plants on a vertically suspended panel by using hydroponics. These unique structures can either be freestanding or attached to a wall. These are wonderful alternative to potted plants. While potted plants have the advantage of being placed anywhere, they can take up space. However, with vertical gardens there is only one large panel to maintain, and it will provide a lush pop of color to any empty wall.

What are the advantages of terrace gardens?
Some of the benefits to health, aesthetics and environment include:
  • Reduce indoor temperature by 6- 8 degree and can reduce air conditioning cost
  • Reduce overall heat absorption of buildings and insulate the building against heat and cold
  • Convenience of safe, pesticide-free, healthy green and fresh vegetables
  • Conducive to a routine of physical exercise, clean air and being close to nature
  • Increases amount of oxygen in the air
  • Reduce sound pollution
  • Act as a habitat for city-weary birds.
What should be done before using the roof as a terrace garden?
Simple water proofing of the roof is enough. This will ensure the roof is protected, water-resistant and leakage-free.

Can roots of plants causes any harm to the building?
Plants with fibrous roots do not cause any harm to the roof but avoid plants with tap roots as they may penetrate the roof and harm it by growing its roots in the structure. Sometimes the wind or birds may bring seeds that can germinate and take root on the roof itself. These should be checked and removed as observed.

Can vertical garden be installed indoors?
Yes. If your vertical garden wall is indoors, you’ll need to select plants that enjoy low-light, less fresh air conditions (as plants used in both indoors and outdoors are different).

How is watering done in vertical garden?
For small vertical garden it makes sense to take a small container to water the plants, while for bigger versions of them drip irrigation system should be used with or without automatic controller.

Where all these gardens can be installed?
They can be installed at any type of buildings commercial, corporate & residential spaces.

What about the maintenance of these gardens? Will they consume a lot of time?
Once your garden is established, half an hour to an hour a day is enough to maintain your green area.

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