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Artificial Grass (essentially for aesthetic than sports):

It resembles in look and feel to that of natural grass, can be used for both indoor & outdoor applications, does not require much of care and maintenance and is durable. Although synthetic in composition but is odorless, anti-static, noise absorbing and harmless to application area.

It comes in varied thickness of 10 – 45 mm with increment in cost as thickness increases. Installation process for indoor is similar to laying conventional vinyl and carpet flooring and does not require any special method or material; for outdoor, a few additional precautions for better fastening (as per the surface) are undertaken, which albeit is not cumbersome/elaborate.

FAQ about Artificial Grass

What is the prescribed care and maintenance procedure of artificial grass?
Periodic cross brushing (means brushing against the fiber direction) takes away the dirt and restores the appearance. For excessive soiled/dirty area, sponge mopping with mild detergent solution in lukewarm water is recommended. The cleaning brush nevertheless should be of nylon that that of wire.

Does it require watering?
Given its synthetic nature no feed supplements are required; however, occasional water flush is beneficial to clean the grass. The excess water automatically gets drained out from its perforated base.

What is the significance of thickness in artificial grass?
It proportionately increases the cushion effect and the matching increased density of stitched fibers ensures better life.

Does the color of artificial grass fades with time?
No. During manufacturing, it is subjected to color – fastening treatments and is therefore able to withstand its color till it lasts.

What are the recommended application areas for artificial grass?
The choice varies from individual to individual as per their personal preferences, application/ available area. Normally it is used in balcony, veranda, border of passage/ parking gallery, terrace, home garden…etc.

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