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HPL Panels

HPL is acronym for High Pressure Laminate that is used majorly for external wall cladding applications. It combines most of the required characteristics for external usage viz withstanding extreme climatic conditions, wide aesthetic options, durability, and light in weight, easy mounting and maintenance.

The application of the product is gaining traction with ventilated curtain walls being acknowledged as environment sustainable and architectural advance facade system.

FAQ about HPL Panels

What is the material composition of HPL panels?
It's a fiber material layered with resins and craft paper subjected to high heat and pressure. This manufacturing process results homogenous, tough, non-degradable material in HPL. Its decorative surface is further treated with coating layer for lasting finish.

Is it also known as Fundermax?
No, the actual product name is HPL only. Fundermax is a popular brand of HPL from the pioneering Austria based company. Given the long standing stature of the brand, it's sometimes referred to as fundermax in common parlance.

What is the life of the product?
All products for external usage, including HPL, are designed and produced for durability. Various brands as per the price grading confirm life span from 7 - 20 years. On actual usage, it lasts even longer.

How about range of colour and texture options?
Quite inclusive and broad range comprising of solid colour and the ones imitating variety of wood texture and stone finish are available. This makes it possible to execute any aesthetic combination or designer idea.

Are there any installation challenges for external application?
Actually it's faster and convenient due to light weight and larger standard sheet size. It requires framing first at a slight distance from the main structure and thereafter panels are fastened with rivets. In some applications adhesives are also used for fixing.

Is there any standard size specification?
Yes, the most widely used HPL sheet comes in size of 8'x4' = 32 sqft size. Therefore, for calculating total qty. required for any application this standard size aspect/limitation is to be taken into account.

Is there any standard thickness specification?
The HPL product has strength and toughness as built in properties. The thickness of sheet per se does not add to these characteristics. However a kind of standard thickness as 6 mm is commonly available / used for majority of applications.

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