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Branded Leather and Faux Leather Furnishings

Given our own manufacturing unit and long market standing and experience, we have exhaustive range of leather and faux leather products. For the sake of convenience, we have divided it into three broad categories viz. Furniture, Wall & Door Tiles and Hard Goods.

While Furniture appears to be the most common and easily understandable category, the distinction lies in its vast variety and type of designs. We showcase host of modern designs and help freeze the choice based on the individual taste, budget and placement area. Alternatively, in case the client has some concept or design as a reference, we have capabilities to produce the replica at much better commercial and quality terms. Here (i.e. in Furniture), we don’t restrict ourselves with choice of leather alone for upholstery and are open to use fabric or mix of both (fabric and leather/faux leather) if so desired. The specific items under this product category are: Sofa, Table - dinning, center or office, Chairs for office, showroom, dinning, living, and drawing, Bed, Wardrobes, TV Units, Consoles, Bars, Looking Mirrors…etc.  

For product category of Wall & Door Tiles, we have exclusivity (esp. wall tiles) as there are not many to have perfected its execution. The real and faux leather variants are used by us with equal ease and finesse. Again, apart from the available catalogues of cladding designs, any proposed option is achievable.  Such a detailed understanding of cladding surfaces in a room has also enabled us to integrate Home Theater assignments in our portfolio of products and have delivered on the same with desired sound effects.     

The third and last category of Hard Goods although refers to bulk produces but are also given customized touch while these are considered as gifting items to suit the occasion or purpose. Here, our focus is majorly on customized requirements with a minimum batch of order quantity. The specific items that are being produced in this product category are: Coasters, Paper Trey, Tissue Box, Service Trey, Envelope Holder, Dustbin, Magazine Rack, Jewelry Box, Tablet/Mobile Covers, Magazine Holder, Year Planner …etc. 

FAQ about Branded Leather and Faux Leather Furnishings

What is Faux Leather?
As the name faux suggests, it’s artificial version of real leather and is commonly referred as ‘leatherite’. A layer of rubberized material is applied / processed on fabric to achieve the leather like effect.

What are the recommended applications of Leather and Faux leather or Leatherite?
Leather being the original is far superior in strength and therefore is normally used for high stress applications such as Chairs, Sofa, Bed backs, Table cladding or Outer frames of looking mirrors…etc. Whereas, the usage of leatherite is more for relatively less stress applications such as Wall, Doors and Wardrobe cladding, TV panels and Consoles….etc.

What is the cost differential between the two (Real and Faux Leather)?
Nearly twice, especially in comparison with the Branded Real Leather variants and we for all our applications only used Branded Leather.

Do these (Real or Faux Leather) emit any odour?
There is no odour for Faux leather as well as ‘branded variety’ of real leather. However, in the event a room having leather articles (furniture or goods) remained shut for longer period and there are no air vents then at the time of opening, some slight odour would get noticed. The same nevertheless disappears as soon as air circulation is in motion.

What if upholstery of fabric instead of leather or combination is the choice?
We are open to all such choices and produce goods in all combinations of material. So much so, we encourage clients to shop their own dressing material from the place of their choice and give it to us for onward processing.

What is the normal time period for delivery of Goods/ Articles?
It all depends on the type of articles, selected design, extent of customization sought, agreement on color or any other combination of basic material to be used. In normal course, we find most of our deliveries taking place between 2 – 4 weeks from the date of freezing the basic pre-requisites.

How convenient is it to get any typical design of furniture or furnishing made?
Just any design of your choice; be it from any display window, design catalogues, physical sample or picture from net or otherwise is achievable in realistic budget without compromising on any of its feature or quality.

How about after sales support?
Given that we have our own works and all skilled work being undertaken right in our direct supervision, we see little chance of it arising in first place and practically no challenge in its timely resolution.

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