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PVC Strip Curtains

These are also referred to as PVC dust or Air or A/c Curtains and provide effective means for temperature control and restricting air pollutants.

Their application includes at doorway access in shops, manufacturing plants, warehouses, cold-storages, and also partitioning in offices, hotels and restaurants.

We service for their end to end delivery viz. starting from requirement analysis, measurements, suggesting appropriate type and accessories, material sourcing and delivery followed by prompt site execution.

FAQ about PVC Strip Curtains

What is the recommended thickness for PVC curtains?
These normally come in thickness from 1mm to 3mm with rarity of 5mm thickness as well. For most application requiring strength and air insulation 2 mm becomes sufficient. However for some applications of isolating a weld area or a ware house or store room, thickness of 3 mm is also recommended.

What is the standard width of PVC curtain?
PVC curtain material comes in the form of rolls having standard width as 48" (inches) and 54" (inches). Therefore one full curtain size could be either of 48" or 54". However in applications where PVC strips curtains are required then 8" standard width strip rolls are considered for such applications.

Are these transparent or opaque? And, do these have colour options?
Yes, both transparent and opaque options are available. Besides, though the usually preferred or bulk consumption is for colourless (clear or frosted white colour) curtains but options in other colours viz. dark and light blue, green, red and yellow are also available.

What are the fixing accessories?
These can be hanged by slipping into rods, hooked in hinges and clinched in jaws or channel. These standard accessories are part of complete site execution mandated and bunched together in the overall costing.

What are its unit of costing?
Quite alike most interiors and construction items, it can be in per square feet but per running meter and per kg is equally used in quoting for these (pvc curtains).

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