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For protecting and decorating the exterior of doors, windows, balcony and porch, and also to create comfortable sit area in the outdoors of home and commercial establishments, varied awing options are available. These can be rigid or retractable and made of PVC or fabric to suit the choice or requirement. Being a customized product, all the shapes and sizes can be provided subject to the site visit thereby understanding of the application area.

FAQ about Awning

What are Awnings?
Awnings are for exterior usage and comprise of a sheet of Canvas, PVC or Fabric stretched on a frame that are often used to provide protection from the sun or inclement weather. These are typically positioned over exterior windows or doors. Larger versions of the awning are sometimes utilized to provide cover for patio areas along the back of a house. Outdoor awnings provide shade on hot summer days, protect you and your home from rain and wind, and increase overall energy efficiency.

What are major awning components?
Besides the apparently visible Canvas, Vinyl or Fabric in awning, the other major parts are its hardware comprising of arms, gear box, bushes, hinges assembled together as per the chosen design and size.

How its fabric is able to wither inclement external condition?
Usually its fabric, more particular in branded options, is treated for protection, which does not allow the dust, water to remain on awning surface. More so, the color fastening coating prevents color bleed in extreme sun/ hot conditions.

How is retractable option workable (economically or otherwise) in home setting?
Many home owners are realizing that a retractable patio awning creates an upscale, outdoor living room; perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with family. Installing a patio awning is like making a low-cost room addition while also adding value to your home. These retractable awnings can be easily retracted or extended with a hand crank or motor.

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