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PVC Paneling

Polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC, is used as replacement for conventional building materials such as wood, tiles and stones for cladding interior walls and ceilings. It comes in the form of pre-fabricated planks with simple built in provision for installation. The PVC planks are trendy, water resistant, light in weight, budget friendly and easy to cut to size and install.

In our product related interactions with clients, we recommend PVC as option and have found growing numbers of taker for this as solution for interior claddings and are fully geared up to provide its complete range and choice with prompt installation support.

FAQ about PVC Panel

What are the normally available sizes in PVC panel?
PVC panels are available mainly in popular widths of 5 inches – 12 inches with length as 7.5ft. – 10ft.

What kinds of designs these have?
Panel styles range from plain seamless, textured, v- groove having wood grain, marble, stone effects and printed designs. In combination these thus offer quite a significant nos. of design options.

Do these panels require any surface finishing (any kind of polish, lacquer …etc.) post installation?
No. These are prefinished in all respect.

Any special maintenance care post installation?
PVC panels require very minimal maintenance. While cleaning, it does not take long. Due to their smooth surface, dirt does not gather in the first place and simple wiping with cloth is sufficient for the necessary cleaning. However avoid usage of chlorinated agent or abrasive wiping cloth.

What is the advantage of PVC wall paneling /cladding over wood paneling?
PVC paneling is highly resistant to moisture and water and does not warp, delaminate or swell in wet and humid conditions. Besides PVC paneling is better than wood paneling as regards to lower flammability.

Is there any prior surface preparation before paneling?
For smooth surface no challenge, simple application with glue and nails shall work. However for uneven and rough surface either surface preparation to make the base even or making a frame marginally away from the surface and affixing the paneling on the frame thereafter shall take care of even for major surface unevenness.

How to cope with edges and corners?
There are quite a few types of trims and profiles as part of standard pre-fabricated paneling accessories to cover/finish edges and inside/outside corners.

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