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Acrylic (for decorative applications and signage)

Evolution in polymer science has given rise to a transparent form of plastic, actually akin to glass, in Acrylic. With its favorable characteristics over glass such as; light in weight, moldable, printable, durable, unbreakable, has made it replacement for glass in many applications. These characteristics are highly sought after in decorative and signage applications making its usage herein as inevitable. Thus typical ceiling and wall designs, customized printed panels, letters and logos constitute array of requirements in acrylic that are serviced by us.

FAQ about Acrylic

Is Acrylic an expensive option?
The answer lies in usage. There are different qualities with varying thicknesses and therefore in some applications it would positively be a cheaper options and in some may work out to be a bit expensive than glass.
Moreover, if characteristics of less in weight or unbreakable or shatter resistance or for that matter high malleability is required than there is little option but to go for acrylic.

Colour flexibility in acrylic?
Acrylic is available in all base colours with transparent, translucent and opaque variants. Besides, plain or white coloured acrylic can be printed in any colour. Just in case, cost effective way of colouring is being sought, pasting of coloured vinyl can also be easily done on acrylic.

Lighting effect on acrylic?
Being its smooth and shining surface, it naturally glows in external lighting. However, the effects are far enhanced with backlit or LED lights in transparent and translucent acrylic, which could be plain, coloured or printed.

Ease of combining acrylic with other materials?
It is common to notice acrylic letter interspersed with metallic letters viz. steel, brass, copper etc in designing and creating unique identity of corporate name and logos. Any mix and match arrangement for these letters and other signage elements can be put adjacent, one after the other, one over the other for desired effect.

What applications of acrylic do you (i.e. interiors and decor) cater to?
We undertake almost all indoor mandates of acrylic that includes customized ceiling and wall cladding involving printing and cutting. The other major application of acrylic in indoor and outdoor sign boards and commercial logo is also serviced by us.

How does acrylic signage fit in our scheme (body of work) in interiors?
Given that we do a lot of glass film application for businesses and corporate. And, in majority of their film application on glass, either cutting or printing of their business identity and logo, is involved. This makes us indulge with them in creating coral design templates for their name and logo. With such designs approved and ready with us, it becomes easier to process these for acrylic signage alongside our usual glass film applications.

Popularity of indoor acrylic signage vis-a-vis other options?
It has everything to do with the favourable properties of acrylic as material enumerated in faqs above. Such a mixture of desirable features gives businesses/ designers a lot to work with when it comes to creating the perfect sign, which is unique and is having professional impact.

Is there any size restriction?
Standard sheets of acrylic are of either 6’x4’ or 8’x4’ feet, however bigger size can also be specially processed. Such special order does take time but the advantage with special processing is the joints in extension are not visible as chemical welding done at molecular level actually melts seams into one piece of solid material.

Is there a quality differentiation in acrylic material?
There are two broad categories viz. cast and extruded. The former (i.e. cast) is superior and almost double in the cost. In decorative applications, it is normally this variant that is used as it’s homogenous and scratch resistant. Owing to these characteristic, the lighting applied either within or on the top of the cladding has smooth and glittering effect (i.e. devoid of any shadow or patches).

Is there any treatment for exceptional incident of scratches on acrylic?
With gentle scrubbing of graded emery paper followed by mild effort of polishing, these can be considerably reduced.

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