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uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC is one of the preferred alternative material for traditionally used aluminum & wooden doors and windows. It works smoothly without any noise, does not expand or contract, provides superior thermal and sound insulation, termite resistant, low maintenance and is eco-friendly.

We provide complete assistance starting from measurement of application area, design & costing options, and execution.

FAQ about uPVC Doors & Windows

What uPVC stands for?
uPVC is an acronym for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymer that has an array of amazing features. Some of them being its self-extinguishing property that could stop a raging fire, High thermal resistance that keeps the inside of a place cosy and most importantly it is strong in spite of being very light weighted, which cuts down on weight in tall structures.

Are uPVC doors easy to break in?
Door is as secure as its glass. It’s entirely dependent on the type of glass used. There are plenty of glasses that could serve the purpose of security and one of them is laminated glass. It is majorly employed in uPVC doors which puts break-ins right next to impossible. It does not allow the glass to shatter & holds itself up during an attempt to break in.

At what stage should application area of uPVC be measured?
The measurement must happen on a surface that has been plastered, as measuring an unfinished aperture will lead to an incorrect measurement, design and production.

What color options are available in uPVC?
uPVC is available in choice of attractive colors and wood grain timber effect finishes. Though most economical color available is white.

Does the color of uPVC fade with time?
No, uPVC does not fade over the period of time as is not affected with climatic changes.

Any special maintenance care post installation?
uPVC requires very minimal maintenance. The main advantage of all high-quality uPVC products is that they never need painting, the only maintenance they need is a wipe down with damp cloth.

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