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With the ever increasing fabric types having varied colour and design prints, it has become quite convenient to choose and finalise curtains matching the overall look & feel of any interior setting. Add to this is the host of stitching, embroidering, quilting, draping and patching options making it practical to deliver curtains on any concept.

Given above as the available flexibility and freedom for creation of numerous curtain designs, we are geared up with a group of suppliers for all kinds of fabric, accessories and trained technicians for measurement & stitching to fulfil the desired service expectations at doorstep.

FAQ about Curtains

What are the commonly used curtain fabrics?
Practically speaking, it can’t be generalized. The choice varies from functional necessity, matching with other indoor decor, personal taste and budget. For instance if functionality is taken into account: net, tissue, cotton and mix. of polyester with cotton are better for lighter feel, linen and silk is preferred for better hanging effect, while suede and velvet are the options for fullness and increased heat & light blockage….etc.

Readymade options versus customized curtains?
In case the requirement is limited, off-the-shelf options can serve the purpose. However, where complete indoor windows and doors are to be dressed, preference shifts to customized ones.

What is the function of lining in a curtain?
It shields fabric from sun damage, making curtains last longer. A lining also adds heft, which protects against drafts and helps fabric fall more luxuriously. By choosing type of lining you can ensure light filtering or total darkness as well.

What is curtain hardware?
Curtain rods & channels, brackets, eyelets, ends and finials form the basic hardware. Earlier there used to be quite an emphasis on the aesthetics of hardware but now most of these are draped or covered in curtain designs in vouge and it’s now their durability that is more emphasized instead. That said, amongst the visible hardware “finial” – the end of curtain rod- still need to be carefully chosen for aesthetics and its connect with something indoor.

Sheer versus main curtain?
Sheer curtain is nearer to the window and is normally drawn permanently. It’s is made of perforated cloth or net and permits liberal visibility and light filtering. Whereas main curtain is next to sheer curtain and is actually drawn for privacy or room darkening. It is the main curtain that supports most of embellishment and accessories for aesthetics.

Can curtains and draperies be planned to hide window defect, if any?
Indeed these can and the following should help the cause:
Window too short?
Attaching rods just below the ceiling molding and hanging curtains long to-the-floor make the window look longer.
Window too narrow?
Extend curtain rods beyond the window and hang draperies so that they barely cover the frame, leaving as much glass exposed as possible, all of which makes a narrow window seem wider.
Window too wide?
Break up the space by hanging several straight panels across the window. Let a few of the end panels remain in the drawn / closed position or partially covered in draperies to leave less visible open able widow width.
Window awkwardly long?
This distortion of window is comparatively difficult to hide. Nevertheless, add a deep cornice or valance above draperies with a bold horizontal pattern and create further distraction by adding a horizontal border in the middle to form contrasting separation.

Washing flexibility in designer curtains?
The major advantage of curtains above other form of window dressing such as blinds is the maintenance flexibility. Since the basic material used even in the so called complicated looking designer curtains is fabric or its close variants, there is hardly any challenge in washing thereby regaining newness.

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